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Superintend Ground Fault Monitoring System

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Superintend Ground Fault Monitoring will help you to enhance Power Quality in your electrical system. 

The Superintend is a new and economical method to supervise electrical systems continuously.

The Superintend Ground Fault Monitoring System: 

Reduces production losses
Increases productivity
Enhances electrical system reliability
Improves facility safety
Reduces maintenance costs
Helps to keep Magnetic Field Interferences low 

The benefits of the Superintend are: 

No wiring errors during initial installation
Alarm during repairs if a wiring error occurs after installation
All faults can be detected as they occur
You can predict insulation deterioration before circuit breaker trips
If a defective equipment is added an alarm is generated
Labor savings
Electrical system is clean from startup through upgrades and renovations

Other names that are used for ground fault monitoring are:

  • Earth leakage current monitoring
  • Residual current monitoring