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Harmonic Filtering Power Conditioner


50/60 Hz Models

Bidirectional Harmonic Isolating Surge Suppression



Complete AC power protection from 1 KVA to 150 KVA and 100 VA to 5 KVA
Low-impedance technology
High efficiency 
Single-point, virtual computer-grade ground for all networked loads
International units available

Bidirectional harmonic filtering  

Power Quality Inc. offers a full line of BIDHISS TM bidirectional isolating series surge protectors with harmonic suppression, from 1 KVA to 150 KVA and 100 VA to 5 KVA. These single-phase and three-phase power conditioners employ a proven technology to provide complete AC power protection for electronic systems.

Bidirectional harmonic filtering

Power Quality Inc.'s BIDHISSTM systems combine a bidirectional harmonic filter with an isolating series low-impedance power conditioner. BIDHISSTM protects the load from electrical power disturbances and protects the power system from load-generated harmonics.

Low-impedance technology

The low-impedance series surge protection for the load exceeds ANSI-IEEE C62-41-1980 (6000 Vpk, 500 amp impulse is reduced to <10 Vpk all modes). The low-impedance output minimizes load interactions.

Load regulation

BIDHISSTM power conditioners provide load regulation to maintain output voltage during sudden changes in load currents (e.g., during use of laser printers, robotics, x-ray machines, color copiers, etc.).

High efficiency

Highly efficient Low Impedance Isolation Transformers, and Harmonic Filtering, ensure minimal impact on building air conditioning and minimal power loss through heat.

Virtual computer ground

BIDHISSTM features a virtual computer ground for data network protection.

Worldwide voltage and frequency

A wide range of input and output voltage taps offer true international operation, provide for easy installation, and make the most economical use of existing building bus voltages. The BIDHISS III TM input is 3-phase, 4-wire, and its output is 3-phase, 5-wire.