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Basic Starter Kit for Dranetz-BMI Portable products

Model # PQSTDX-PQT  $699

1.      1 PQsecure-  Security cable Locking assembly


2.      4  P201 Micro pincer voltage clips P201C:\Documents and Settings\Terry Chandler\Application Data\PixelMetrics\CaptureWiz\LastCaptures\2009-05-15_12-09-49-468.png
3.      4  P209 Vampire voltage clips P209 C:\Documents and Settings\Terry Chandler\Application Data\PixelMetrics\CaptureWiz\LastCaptures\2009-05-15_12-11-14-562.png
4.      1  PQTRAdapter TR connector converter  to shield banana jacks  C:\Documents and Settings\Terry Chandler\Application Data\PixelMetrics\CaptureWiz\LastCaptures\2009-04-01_10-30-09-218.pngPQTRadapter
5.      1 USB to Compact flash reader. 2009-04-02_05-57-16-140CF reader to USB  
6.      4  P211 fused voltage leads C:\Documents and Settings\Terry Chandler\Application Data\PixelMetrics\CaptureWiz\LastCaptures\2008-08-11_10-24-02-453.png
7.      1 High Speed Compact Flash Card 1 Gbyte minimum (not shown)

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Power Quality Thailand LTD. 662-373-6340 fax 662-373-2532  email  Info@powerquality.co.th